Metal diesel tank before paint stripping using UHP

Paint removal using UHP

UHP paint removal

removal of corrosion: removal of rust and paint with water

rust removal of steel surfaces

a shipís hull is cleaned to the bare metal with 2500 bars working pressure

Paint Stripping, Coating Removal and bridge deck preparation

The environmentally friendly removal of coatings, paints, mill scale, contaminants and rust using ultra high pressure is rapidly growing in popularity as a surface preparation technique in favour of more traditional abrasive blast cleaning methods such as sand blasting and shot blasting. This is mainly due to the fact that all coatings can be removed using water alone without the need for any chemicals or abrasives leaving a mess free, spark free environment. By doing this it means our equipment can work in places where this is essential such as oil, gas and petrochemical plants, refineries, power stations, chemical plants, on gas tanks, fuel/diesel tanks and other places where traditional sand blasting units canít work due to the risk of sparks.

removal of paint and corrosion from downpipesPaint stripping and coating removal can be carried out on all types of surfaces, the most common surfaces where UHP is utilised are metal and concrete. This is ideal for bridge deck preparation, whether it be the total removal of a waterproof membrane or just the cleaning of bridge deck joints. The jetting process removes all traces of the waterproofing and leaves the surface ready for the next application. With concrete the process also retextures the surface leaving an ideal key for bonding to. Using an array of professional rotating nozzles with all types of jet configurations we can find the quickest solution for your work.

cleaning of paint shop grids with the falch scater 25Paint grid and paint booth high pressure cleaning can take place onsite in situ or if the grids can be removed from the paint shop as separate units we can also jet wash the underside if required. Cleaning the grids takes minutes and returns them back to new condition keeping down time to an absolute minimum. Tracks, runners, plates and chains can also be cleaned when the track is in operation and Clean Break can manufacture a system to suit your needs.

UHP water jetting is an excellent way to achieve exceptional surface preparation results and utilising ultra high pressure water jetting technology reduces the need for a secondary finish. Surfaces are left with a high quality smooth rust free finish which conventional cleaning methods such as sandblasting cannot produce. The coatings are totally removed and do not spread the paint about like burning would on surfaces such as granite. Due to the heat produced in the jetting operations there is little or no drying time therefore having no down time for the reapplication of protective coatings.