Rebar exposure using UHP

Rebar exposure using UHP

Rebar exposure using UHP

reinforcement rods can be exposed without damage during concrete renovation

exposure of iron rods without damaging them

concrete cutting using falch t25


rubber coatings in industrial plant Clean break use ULTRA HIGH PRESSURE (UHP) for all types of cutting tasks. This can be anything from precision concrete cutting and hydrodemolition to cutting of rubber, plastic and wood. All cutting is completed with water alone and an abrasive is only added into the water when cold cutting or metal cutting. This is similar to the wet blasting process but at a considerably higher pressure and using a much finer jet and abrasive.

Unlike the lower pressure, very high flow pumps used for hydrodemoltion, our units use pressure up to 2,500 bar and very low volumes of water - normally around 1000 litres per hour. The lower pressure hydrodem unit normally produces around 1000 bar but has a flow rate of over four times the rate of the UHP unit - making considerably more waste but with no increase in production levels. The other main advantage is that the UHP unit can do a very accurate cut in the concrete and will cut any type of concrete where the lower pressure systems leaves a much rougher cut and struggles with very hard strong concrete.

Concrete cutting and hydrodemolition can take place in almost any construction or refurbishment project and can also take place next to pipe bursting. If the bursting rig hits solid stone or concrete, we are able to cut the obstacle out in the path of the pipebursting unit - allowing it to continue down the same route without having to move or be sent off in the wrong direction.

The main advantages of using UHP for concrete cutting are that it only removes the concrete and does not damage the rebar underneath. It is far quicker than conventional methods and with the added benefit of no vibrations - meaning no micro cracks or fractures can develop on the remaining concrete structures. heat exchangers can be cleaned quickly and effectively

Other popular tasks and work we complete are the cleaning and cutting of debris out of mixers and moulds used for plastic, rubber and all other material. Concrete form cleaning can also be carried out and any concrete requiring cutting can soon be removed restoring them back to a new condition.

Drains and pipes such as heat exchangers can also be easily cleaned and roots and very solid objects can be effortlessly cut out of drains.